• Click on the link below to view MS Word 2010 Assessment after material is covered on gcflearnfree.org MS Word 2010:Collaboration Forum
    Some questions to think about. From my GT Online Training Class.
    1. What is the purpose of using the tool you created in your classroom?

    I will use Google Docs for student to reassess themselves after going though modules on GCFLearnfree.org. Each students will have thier our test to ensure they understand the information independently. At the end after all the students are finished we all can collaborate. As the teacher, I will be able to monitor each student's progress and product a graph to see the question and answers to compare if something went wrong with specific questions.

    1. How will a teacher use the tool you created in your classroom?

    A teacher could use this tool in the same way that I use to foster collaboration and the sharing of ideas. They may also want to assess their students to see how much MS Word 2010 that they know. Data can be produced to show the answers to each question per the class periods.

    1. How will a student use the tool you created in the classroom?

    Google Docs, a student will be able to test and see how well have done in a timely manner with the teacher assistance. They will be utilizing a online resource not using the normal paper and pencil test.

         4. How will you use this tool be used to differentiate?

    Google doc. will enable the students to contribute via the internet not the normal paper pen test. The student will have to think outside the box to answer the question online will help them to get use to the real world.