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    Some questions to think about. From my GT Online Training Class.

                           1. What is the purpose of using the tool you created in your classroom? Prezi will allow students to get exposure on a different software. It will help with various project that is appealing to different learning styles.

    2. How will a teacher use the tool you created in your classroom? The tool can be used to provide content in a format that can start with either the big idea or break it down into its parts, as well as details within the parts. This allows teachers to easily add links, pictures, and videos, which appeal to many learning styles.

              3. How will a student use the tool you created in the classroom? Students will be able to access content on their own at their own pace. It allows them to focus either on all concepts or a specific area.

              4. How will you use this tool be used to differentiate? This tool seems to meet the needs of various learning styles in a relatively easy concept. This tool is something that can support all student skill levels.