• Harvard Elementary School
    Uniform Dress Code

    Students are required to wear uniforms Monday through Friday.  Occasionally, non-uniform days will be announced.  The principal has the final authority for dress code decisions.


    • Any solid color polo style shirt, either short or long sleeves.
    • Harvard t-shirts.
    • Shirts with the name of a college or university.
    • Boy and Girl Scout uniforms may be worn daily.


    • Khaki (tan) or navy blue solid colored pants, skirts or shorts.
    • Pants, shirts and shorts must fit properly at the waist. A belt is preferred to hold up pants.
    • Pants must be straight-leg style with cuffs or straight hemmed at the top of the shoe level.
    • Skirts or jumpers must be traditional design and may not be more than 3 inches above the knee with no splits or slits.
    • Shorts must be worn at the knee or no more than 3 inches above the knee.
    • Any oversized, undersized, torn, cut at the seam or frayed pants are not permitted.  All clothing must fit appropriately.
    • If sweaters or sweat shirts are worn, uniforms must be worn under these clothing items.


    • Closed-toe shoes are worn at all times.  These shoes may be leather or sneaker styles.
    • Socks are worn with all shoes.
    • For safety reasons, platform shoes, spiked heels, combat boots, steel-toed boots, or any backless shoes including clogs, crocs, shoes with wheels, house shoes, sandals, open-toed shoes, thongs, or water socks are not permitted.


    • Students should be clean and wear clean clothes.
    • Clothing items, including jewelry, which distracts from the educational process, is not allowed.  This includes anything depicting the occult, gang membership, death, suicide, violence, drugs, sex, race, gender, obscenities, alcohol, items with double meanings or anything else deemed inappropriate.
    • Hairstyles should be reasonable and clean.  No designs may be cut into the hair.
    • Hair colors, other than natural shades of hair color, are not permitted.
    • Headwear (hats, caps, bandannas, “hoodies”, etc.) are not permitted.
    • No body piercing is allowed, except earrings.  All earrings must be “stud” type.  No loops or dangle types allowed.  This policy applies to girls and boys.
    • Keys may not be worn around the neck or belt loop.
    • Make-up may not be worn or brought to school.


    • First Offense – Parent is contacted.
    • Second Offense – Parent contacted to bring appropriate clothing to school or take the child home to change.
    • Third Offense – Parent contacted. One-day suspension from school.
    • Subsequent Violations – Parent contacted.  Three-day suspension from school.