• High School Curriculum at CECHS

    CECHS offers an advanced academic and enriched college preparatory curriculum. It provides students with the solid skills and concepts necessary to prepare them for post-secondary education and/or work experience. Course work required exceeds the state's minimum graduation requirements

    Some students, particularly freshmen, may be double blocked in English and/or math classes. Students taking double block classes are given extra time and effort to help fill in any academic deficits from previous schooling. We have found that students participating in double block classes perform better academically in their high school and college courses. Their Stanford and Compass scores and academic grades are used to determine which student’s will be assigned double blocked classes.

    Distinguished Achievement Plan

    A course of study consisting of 26 credits must be completed for all incoming freshmen for the 2007-2008 year or later and 24 credits for students entering before 2007-2008. All Challenge Early College students are to complete the Distinguished Achievement Plan course of study. Copies of the graduation plan are available upon request. Students will be advised by their counselor as admission requirements are different at each university.

Last Modified on February 27, 2016