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Taking College Courses at CECHS

  • The matrix below indicates the number of targeted college hours for students, for each semester and school year. It is possible for students to earn up to sixty-one college credit hours and may enable a student to finish an associate's degree with this schedule. The number of required hours will be decreased for students who earn Advanced Placement credits or who have completed advanced course work in middle school. Furthermore, students who take additional courses during the summer can complete a moderate course load or accelerate the process.

    The matrix identifies certain core courses to be taken in particular semesters. These courses might be called the “core of the core,” because either everyone needs them and will have to take them, or they are core courses that must be taken in a certain semester to match a high school requirement. For example, all sophomores who can meet the placement standard will take speech in their spring semester. All juniors will take their history sequence in their fall and spring terms. Students will take English Composition I and II when they are in their third or fourth year.

    Students will be placed in other college courses based on their majors and interests. Students majoring in math, science, or engineering, for example, will take more math and science courses. 

    Transferring HCC Courses

    Houston Community College classes typically transfer readily to colleges and universities throughout the state of Texas and the rest of the United States. HCC is fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), which is the regional accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. State law also facilitates transferability of credits within the state. The three different types of courses offered at HCC are the following:

       Academic courses

    Academic course credits earned at Houston Community College are readily transferable. State law requires other public colleges and universities to accept transfer of core curriculum courses earned at HCC and to accept them as core courses. If a student completes the HCC core curriculum, all other public colleges and universities in the state are required by law to accept that student as core complete. Although out-of-state schools and private institutions may pick and choose what courses they are willing to accept, most colleges and universities accept HCC credits because of the SACS accreditation. Students planning to transfer to private or out-of-state universities should consult those institutions about transferability before taking particular courses at HCC. Grades of "C" or higher are transferable

    Developmental courses

    In general, developmental courses do not transfer because they do not represent college-level work. Nonetheless, area community colleges will generally accept a student who has completed a developmental sequence at a neighboring community college as having completed remediation.

How to View Your HCC Grades

  • HCC has several tutorials for students regarding logging into Eagle Online: 



    Once you are logged into Eagle Online, you can simply follow these 3 steps in order to view your grades.


    Step 1: Click on the Academics icon

    Step 1: Click on Academic Records


    Step 2: Click on View Unofficial Transcript

    Step 2: Click on View Unofficial Transcript


    Step 3: Click on Submit at the top right corner

    Step 3: Click on Submit at the top right corner

Last Modified on January 27, 2022