• We celebrated our 2nd Annual Pumpkin Patch. A message from Ms. Moes:

    This was totally the best pumpkin patch year so far! I am thrilled to announce that the eighth grade science team rocked the pumpkin patch all day with their demonstrations and experiments! The displays were great and exciting. Ms Sanchez, Tran and Xu took all the money prizes!! Congrats Science!!! I also would like to thank Barbara Rivas for the history of pumpkins display as well as the use of her cool scarecrows. A big thanks to Ms, Nguyen!!! I also appreciated that each administrator came by to check out the patch, carvings and competition.. Thanks to Mr. Jasso for the pictures.. I have some I will be uploading as well..

    And Finally a Big Thank you to Ms. Longoria for making all of this possible!!! Lots of Fun and Lots of Learning!!

    Thanks Again,
    Brandy Moes