• All students at Roberts Elementary participate in comprehensive music learning according to the Texas state standards. Students are encouraged to become independent musicians by developing their listening skills, basic note and rhythm reading skills, and improvisational skills.


    Grades K-2 focus on singing, movement, and basic musicianship. They may use Orff instruments (xylophones) and handheld percussion instruments.


    Grades 3-5 expand and solidify their skills with continued singing and Orff instrument use. They may also learn to play the recorder, the ukulele, or the classical guitar.


    Kindergarten and 3rd-grade students will participate in live musical performance during the school year. Other grade levels may show their learning with video performances.


    The goal of music instruction is to meet each child wherever they are in their musical journey and help them expand their understanding to develop a lifelong appreciation of music. We also build the skills necessary to participate in middle school music classes.


    Kris Lytle, Music Instructor


    Piano Lessons

    In addition to the music class that is part of the general curriculum, Roberts students may sign up for piano lessons. Lessons will take place during the student's 20-minute recess. Schedule will be determined at a later date.  Click here for more information.