• In dance class, Roberts students explore movement through improvisation, guided activities, and choreography. Many dance styles are introduced and developed, including ballet and jazz as well as other world dance forms. Students also learn about the history of these styles and recognize influential people associated with each one. No matter the style, the use of proper technique, vocabulary, and safe practices of dance are also vital components for each grade level.


    Students also learn about dance production and the behind-the-scenes work that goes into a performance including planning, costuming, and lighting. Proper classroom and performance etiquette is developed as students grow their understanding and appreciation for dance. Dance is a form of physical activity as well as an art, so the vast health and mental benefits of movement are also introduced.


    Creativity is celebrated throughout the course in all areas, and dancers are encouraged to take ownership of their learning and creative expression. Students are prompted to view dance as a positive activity for people of all ages and examine the role of dance in society as well as in their daily lives. The dance room is a safe space for all to grow in confidence and artistry and it is the goal of the teacher to facilitate this development through both individual and group activities.


    At the end of the year, students incorporate all they have learned into one series that ties together improvisation, choreography skills, partner work, performance quality, rhythm and memorization skills, and production elements. 

    2018 HISD Elementary Dance Festival
     CLICK HERE to watch the Roberts Dance Company at the 2018 HISD Elementary School Dance Festival.