•                                                Jones Futures Academy P-TECH HVAC


    Houston ISD is expanding college opportunities for students, thanks to an exciting partnership with Houston Community College (HCC).  Students who attend Jones Futures Academy P-TECH HVAV will not only take high school courses but will also take classes at Houston Community College and earn a high school diploma and an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in two years.


    P-TECH stands for Pathways in Technology Early College. Our P-TECH students take core courses that deliver rigorous Pre-AP, AP, and Dual Credit academic instruction.  P-TECH are also enrolled in our Career and Technical courses in which they develop the technical and workplace skills that employers need.  Jones’ partnership with Houston Community College allows our students to develop the specific skills needed for careers in high-growth industries.  The AAS degrees are “career specific” programs that prepare students for immediate employment post-graduation.


    Jones’ P-TECH ECHS is built upon high expectations for students.  With family, and community support we believe that all P-TECH students can earn their college degree. Our P-TECH students participate in a range of workplace opportunities that include mentoring, externships, and paid internships — all designed to support students’ academic and professional growth.”