• 2022

Class of 2022

  • Dear Seniors, 

    Hello everyone, this letter will serve as a complete overview of the Senior Package and attempt to clear up any details that may have not been clear. We’ve set up a few important items for you and your parents to look over together in this package and we hope you look at everything closely to decide what you would like to purchase. 

    Please keep an open mind in regards to prices. These are estimates as to how much each of these listed items will cost and are subject to fluctuation considering the many factors we are facing such as time, participation, and fundraising. Should you have any questions, please find me or any of the other sponsors such as Ms. Cooper and Ms. Nguyen.

    In this bundle, you’ll find the expenses we’re asking from each senior.  Last year, we were able to put some money together and are able to pay for this year’s seniors cap and gown ($55), so that will not be included in the package for senior dues.  All other items to your left,  such as the Prom Ticket, the Senior Trip, Yearbook, and additional Senior Shirts and hoodies, will be made available for purchase via School Pay. 

    The cost of these items is going to fluctuate as we progress through the school year and are just estimates. If you've paid for some items in full but we've reached the goal at a lower cost, then we will refund your money.


  • This package offers you other optional items for you to order such as the Class Ring, Invitation Cards, Hoodies, T-Shirts, etc. Know that the money for any of these items must go through Balfour, not the Senior Sponsors. 

    Please note that a stole is not an option in this year’s cap n gown due to the new style, however, it will be provided to the Valedictorian, Salutatorian, and top GPA. 

    The Balfour representative will host a meeting with the seniors on a later date, however, will be available during lunch tomorrow in the gym, December 3,  2021, during lunch.  


    Senior Dues we estimated so far:


    • Total Package
    • Shirt
    • Yearbook
    • Prom
    • Senior Trip

     A La Carte (separately): 

    • Shirts - $15
    • Long sleeve - $17
    • Hoodies - $20
    • Yearbooks - $35
    • Prom - $75
    • Guest - $25
    • Senior Trip - $60

Senior Events

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    Prom - The senior prom will be hosted at the Ratliff Lifelong Learning Center Ballroom (13033 Landmark, Houston, TX 77045). This is a property owned by the Brentwood Baptist Church. The Prom time details are yet to come. Dinner will be included as a three-course meal (including dessert). 



    Theme - The Great Gatsby/Money Masquerade was chosen as your theme!A photographer will be provided to make purchases, but if there are any changes or any add-ons you will be informed ahead of time. 



    Senior Trip - The trip will be to the San Antonio Six Flags Theme Park.  As of now, a date is yet to be set and the trip’s success is dependent on student interest. More details to come. The estimated total cost will be $60, plus the seniors will be told to bring extra cash for their personal and optional expenses. 


    Senior Weekis currently scheduled for May 30th to the 7th of June. Senior Activities Officers are discussing different activities to submit for approval. Students, please forward your ideas to your senior secretary, Jaslie Obregon.  

Stay connected

  • Parents we invite you to join our RemindMe group for reminders of all our senior enents:


Parent Volunteers Sign Up

  • For parents wanting to volentter please use the following link to sign up or you can also use your mobile device to scan the barcode to register. 


    barcode 1

Final Thoughts

  • Final Thoughts

    Please turn in the Media Release Form as soon as possible if it was not already submitted to Ms. Carpe in room 111!

    As we continue working towards finalizing all these events, please be mindful of how quickly information is passed around and how a misconception or misunderstanding can influence the conversation. If you are unsure about something or have any doubts or questions, please see one of the Senior Sponsors first. Our goals have always been to create a fun and memorable senior year for the class of 2022. Seniors, there is still plenty of work left for us to do. Events still need planning and fundraising still needs making for these new expenses to start coming down. I hope that now that we’ve gained momentum, we can all begin having more enthusiasm and unity within the senior class. 


    Senior Sponsors

    D. Carpe 


    A. Nguyen 


    S. Cooper


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