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How do I file a claim?

Members of the bank apply for usage of days from the bank, once their physician deems that they have a serious illness that will cause that person to take time off work. The employee must submit two claim forms to the Employee Support Services office, preferably by faxing it to 713-695-5723. The employee's physician must fill out and sign the second claim form to certify the employee's absence from work as being approved by their physician. If the SSLB member has exhausted all of their leave days, including vacation, the ESS staff member then coordinates with the administrator of the program to get final approval for the use of days. The administrator makes the ultimate decision, based on the physician’s statement and the particular illness and/or injury code used by the doctor or hospital. ESS then contacts the employee with the decision. Not all illnesses or conditions are approved. For more information about what illnesses are covered, please read the SSLB Summary Plan Description or the relevant section of the Finance Procedures Manual.

The time frame for processing a claim varies and depends on the circumstances unique to each claim. If you have filed a claim and would like to discuss it further please call the Employee Supports Services office at 713-695-5561.