Meetings BiWeekly (1st & 3rd Thursday on each month) 



    Purple Honor CordsCesar E. Chavez High School


    (Phi Alpha Theta- National)

    The Society and its Activities

         Our History Honor Society mirrors Phi Alpha Theta, the national honor society for History. It was founded in 1921 at the University of Arkansas and has grown now to include 830 chapters at distinguished colleges and universities across the country. We hope to prepare our students for what they can become part of when their days at Chavez are done and they prepare for the greatest journey of their lives at the college/university of their choice.
         Our particular Society, founded in 2011, has many dreams of creating an All-District Society for HISD students to grow in their understanding and love for History.  The Society itself is student-run, with Mr. Robin J. Duerr acting as Sponsor.  All Senior Class members will receive the "Purple & Black" Honor Cord to wear in their gown for Gradation Day. 
         We also plan on having paper prize competitions (one for underclassmen student papers and one for Senior student papers). Students will read their papers at the Spring Banquet, and of these, typically two to four will end up wining prizes for their papers. This is an event we hope to continue in the future.  The History Honor Society has also had excellent membership enrollments and plan continued growth as the years go by.  THE PURPLE & BLACK IS BACK!!! 

    Sample Society Activities

    • movie and pizza parties
    • talks with history majors and graduate students from their college chapters to talk about current research
    • service as mentors to local middle school students preparing projects such as History Day Fair, or volunteering as judges for the day
    • workshops on topics such as how to market the skills honed in history courses with guest speakers from area colleges/universities (in-house or visiting)

    Membership requirements

    Students need only to have demonstrated academic excellence and a serious interest in history by:
    • completing all the required courses of History for your classification level (AP credit is preferred, but not required)
    • earning at least B in those History courses and a B+ average for all History courses taken
    • having an overall GPA of 3.5 or better. (Note: in special circumstances, where a student's History grades are all B+ or better and the cause of a slightly lower (3.4x) GPA is the result of a couple of low grades in required courses in a non-allied field, an exception to the 3.5 minimum can be considered. 

    Membership application process

    All Students:
    1. Please complete a History Honor Society membership application form. This is available in D201 or at the bottom of this page as a docx file.  Be sure to give all information required to complete the application process.
    2. Attach a copy of your transcript, verifying your eligibility for membership in the History Honor Society.
    3. Give the above information to Mr. Duerr in Room D201, or give it directly to the President of the Society, Marisol Coria.

    For other items such as

    • Discuss membership eligibility, fees & fund raisers 
    • Volunteer for offices/activities & discuss new ideas