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  • ChooseHISD.org Application Deadline is February 2nd. Please apply for Chavez High School: Applied Sciences & Engineering

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  • Office of School Choice: Applications will open in December 2022

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  • Welcome to our Magnet Page! This page is designed to offer all of our visitors information about our programs. Explaining Applied Sciences & Engineering is a mouthful because of how many different areas we cover. You will find that we have four pathways and from four pathways we have up to nine different programs, each with a different certificate opportunity. This allows us to expose our students to multiple careers and interests. Please take a moment to research the different areas we offer. On this page there will be an overview. From here we have specific pages for each of the four pathways to further explore our certificate programs. Ready to apply? Please stop by to fill out a paper application. We look forward to meeting you all this year on our Middle School Tours!

  • Location

    8501 Howard Dr.

    Houston, TX 77017


  • Magnet STEM

    Applied Sciences & Engineering

  • Pathways

    Environmental Sciences


    Health Science

    VAMOS: Audio / Video Media Studies

About Us


    International Baccalaureate programs bring rigor and advanced options to all of our students.


    Our Pathways are designed to offer certification and experience opportunities.


    No two student experiences are alike. Pathways, college courses, sports, clubs, and the arts make a personalized experienced.

Pathway Programs

  • Environmental Science

    Students learn about the agricultural world. We have a robust FFA program, a barn, and three program strands: Animal Science, Plant Science / Horticulture, and Wildlife/ Ecology.


    Design-minded and STEM-focused: Our Engineering program students are able to do design work and hands-on projects answering the call to make the world a better place through engineering!

    Health Science

    Experience and accomplishment: Our students have the opportunity to gain invaluable medical knowledge they can use post-high school in their future education and career.

    VAMOS: Audio/Video Media

    Entrepeneurship and creativity: Our students learn professional-grade software that can level up their opportunities to work in the field of professional media.