Nurse's Corner

  • Important Information Regarding Medicines and Immunizations



    Students are not to carry or bring any medication to school without a physician’s note. 

    Students needing inhalers should obtain the Self Administration Medication form from the nurse.  This must be filled out by the physician.

    Parents are not to send medication to school by the student. Parents should submit and conference with the nurse regarding any and all medications the student is taking.  At the end of the year, parents are to pick up all medications from the nurse. 

    New medication forms are required each school year.  The new forms must be completed after July 4th to be accepted for the new school year. 


    Immunizations are required by law to be up to date. 

    Schedules will not be given in 2022-2023 to those students needing immunizations until they are up to date. 

    Please watch for immunization drives throughout the city as well as here at Chavez in August 2022. 


    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Nurse Ricks at 713 556-7971