• The Credit Recovery and Original Credit Programs at César E.Chávez High School are designed to serve the diverse needs of the school’s student population. The programs’ primary focus is to assist students in graduating from high school on time. A secondary focus is to enable students who wish to participate in certain school activities that require an academic period (band, orchestra, JROTC, etc.) to do so while in the higher grades.

    The Credit Recovery Program allows students to regain credit for previously failed courses by completing an additional 30 hours of coursework in the subject. If this coursework is successfully completed, the student receives credit for the course through the school Registrar’s Office.

     The Original Credit Program allows students to take courses that they have never taken before for credit. The students are required to complete the state minimum of 60 hours in these classes in order to receive credit through the school Registrar’s Office.

     The Credit Recovery Program is offered after school and during two special four-day blocks over the winter holidays. The after school courses are offered during eighth period on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday following Chávez High School’s regular seven period school day. There are two Credit Recovery sessions offered during the Fall Semester and two offered during the Spring Semester. Each session is between seven and eight weeks long. The four-day Winter Session blocks are offered the during the winter holidays with exact dates changing from year to year based on when Christmas Day and New Year’s Day fall during the break. 

    The Original Credit Program is offered before and after school.  Original Credit sessions occupy the same eighth period as Credit Recovery. Before school classes are offered as zero hour courses. Each Original Credit session is fourteen to sixteen weeks long based on holidays, etc. (It must be noted that Original Credit courses are without cost during the regular school year) 

     Historically the Credit Recovery Program has been very beneficial in allowing students who have had adverse academic events to graduate on time with their classes. The Original Credit Program, while intended to allow students more flexibility in scheduling, has also allowed numerous high achieving students at CésarE.Chávez High School to graduate early.

  • Contact your Dean or Counselor for more information.