• The Literary Magazine, A.K.A LitMag, of Chavez High School was founded in 2012 by some of the school’s most remarkable English teachers; Ms. Amber Criswell, Ms. Christina Saldivar, Mr. Michael Glazner and Ms. Elizabeth Micci. In the beginning, LitMag was an afterschool program and was made up of a select group of students becoming its own class.

         The LitMag itself is a collaboration of written works by the students who make it up. Upon request, you can ask to be placed in its class and if you simply want to have your work published, look out for its announcements stating submission dates in addition to fliers which will be posted around the school. However, being on the staff can provide benefits, such as free invitation and participation in special events!

         There is no limit to what you may find in the Magazine; all genres of writing apply in any form. The main purpose of the Magazine is to give voice to students who find it easier to express themselves through words. Whether that is by producing the script of a play, jotting down lyrics to a love song, or writing some serious, thought-provoking poetry, freedom of expression is the key. As a bonus, the Magazine also accepts artwork, like photographs and any other original designs.

         The greatest thing about the Magazine, however, is the effect it has on the students. Being a part of the program guarantees collegiate experience in real world writing skills for its students. Many have improved a great deal on their editing expertise and reading comprehension which led to soars in academic performance. It opens up their eyes and helps them view the world as that of an author, where every story can be told through the power of words.

        Overall, the Literary Magazine has greatly impacted Chavez High School and is only one of the many clubs that make up the culture of our school. If you’d like to contact or join LitMag, you can send the staff an email to chavezlitmag@gmail.com, or visit Ms. Criswell in B101. 

     Profile written by Jasmine Bailey