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Full Name Department Title / Specialty Email Website
Aguilar, Glenda Language Acquisition Spanish/Dual Language GAGUILA1@houstonisd.org
Aleman, Fidel Physical and Health Education PE faleman@houstonisd.org
Andrade, Daniella Administration Magnet/IB Coordinator dandrad1@houstonisd.org
Boleware, Lakeysha Administration 6th Grade Principal LBOLEWAR@houstonisd.org
Bouwsma, John Mathematics 7th Math jbouwsma@houstonisd.org
Bravo, Amelia mathematics 8th math Amelia.Bravo@houstonisd.org
Breed, Mary Catherine Language and Literature 7th ELAR mbreed1@houstonisd.org
Briceno, Janny Physical and Health Education Dance & Magnet Administrative Asst. Janny.Briceno@houstonisd.org
Brown, Brandon Physical and Health Education Squash & Head Boys Coach Brandon.Brown2@houstonisd.org
Brown, Carly Administrative & Support Staff Library Clerk Carly.Brown@houstonisd.org
Bryant, Sammie Science 7th Science Samantha.Schmidt@houstonisd.org
Bukhari, Azka Design Computer Science Azka.Bukhari@houstonisd.org
Butron, Bianca Language and Literature 7th ELA-R Bianca.Butron@houstonisd.org
Cardenas, Rigoberto Physical and Health Education Karate RCARDEN5@houstonisd.org
Carranza, Juanita Administrative & Support Staff SIR/Attendance JCARRAN2@houstonisd.org
Cavazos, Cindy Administration School Secretary ccavazo2@houstonisd.org
Cazares, Alma Special Education Sp. Ed. T.A. acazares@houstonisd.org
Chambers, Danielle Sciences 6th Science dchamber@houstonisd.org
Chance, Mary Administrative & Support Staff Librarian mchance@houstonisd.org
Crittenden, Scott Special Education Sp. Ed. T.A. scritten@houstonisd.org
Crump, Joseph Individuals and Societies 8th US History jcrump2@houstonisd.org
Davis, Arthur Administrative & Support Staff IT Specialist Arthur.Davis@houstonisd.org
Denson, Laura Physical and Health Education PE ldenson@houstonisd.org
Flores, Quinten Individuals and Societies 8th History, Department Chair Quinten.Flores@houstonisd.org
Gonzales, Teresa Special Education P.S.I. T.A. TGONZAL2@houstonisd.org
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