Hogg Support Team! Here to Help You!

  • Jones Danielle D. Jones - Wraparound Resource Specialist
    It is a pleasure to be your new Wraparound Resource Specialist. I would like for you to know how excited I am to be part of the team to help our students and parents come together with the community to provide the resources, so our students can succeed and parents can have hope.
    My primary goals are to
    • assess and resolve those issues that could hinder the student’s academic success and social growth, in a timely and culturally sensitive manner;
    • connect all students, parents, and teachers to non-academic support to address critical issues; and
    • bring services and partners geared towards empowering parents, caregivers, and the entire community.
    Example Services                                     
    • Clothing/Uniforms                                          
    • Rental Assistance                                            
    • Homeless Assistance                                         
    • School Supplies                                              
    • Immigration Services
    • Mental Health/Counseling Referrals
    Please do not hesitate to contact me at the school if you need resources and/or assistance.
    Some important links you may need:
    Resources for Food, Finance, Mental and Travel - Resource Guide
  • s Ms. Singleton - Communities & Schools Student Support Manager

    Hi!  I am Ms. Singleton.  My role is to work with students & families to remove barriers to success in school and in life.   This is my 3rd year at Hogg.  I love traveling, reading, riding rollercoasters and all things purple, gold or glittery.  

    Reach out to me if your child.....

    • needs extra practice with skills like reading writing & math.  
    • needs help developing study skills.
    • has an academic or non-academic goal they would like to accomplish.
    • could use extra confidence.
    • struggles to make friends in their peer group.
    • need assistance applying to HISD High Schools.
    • could use extra support due to a major life change such as divorce, new sibling, moving).

    You can call me M-F  8:00 AM - 4:00 PM 832-592-7924 or email me claudiasingleton@houstonisd.org

    In order to receive services, parents can send an email with information about their child's needs.  They will receive a link to complete a consent form online!

  • j Ms. J - School Counselor
    Hello Razorbacks, I am your proud School Counselor! I look forward to continuing to serve the Hogg Community, and getting to know all of you. I am here to help you navigate through your middle school years and prepare you for a bright future ahead. Please reach out to me if you are needing:
    -Help with forming healthy friendships
    -Conflict resolution
    -Balancing schoolwork, family, and friends
    -Are feeling sad, angry, hurt, or confused
    -Need assistance communicating your needs to others
    -Problems at home
    -Problems at school
    If you are not sure, please feel free to reach out to me, and I can connect you with someone who can help. We are stronger together! Have a great year Hogg Razorbacks! hazel.javillonar@houstonisd.org
  • r Ms. Roman - Student Support Specialist
    Hello, I am Ms. Roman and my job is to ensure students receive any additional instructional supports they may need. I oversee the Language Acquisition department, and I also monitor the language development progress of the English Learners and the last cohort of Dual Language students.
    Hablo español, así que si tiene dudas y prefieren comunicarse conmigo en ese idioma con gusto puedo ayudarles.
    Please feel free to contact me if you have any concerns aromanan@houstonisd.org.
  • m Nurse Mack - School Nurse
    Hi! I’m Nurse Mack. My husband and I have two children and one little dog. We are fierce Texas Tech fans (we both went to college there), and we love football, traveling, spending time with family, and exercising/being outdoors together.
    This is my 5th year in school nursing and my 4th year at Hogg. I am here for you no matter what you need, even if it’s not medical!
    Feel free to send a wave, message me on Teams or send me an email if you need anything.