• Fundraising policies apply to selling anything for a profit for your student group (excluding Booster Clubs).

    • Form AF 108 must be completed and approved BEFORE fundraising begins and ordering of any merchandise.
    • Please ensure that all items on the form are completed in full and accurately. Missing information will delay request.
    • One fundraiser at a time, 2 weeks at a time.
    • Complete one fundraiser before staring another.
    • Sale of fundraising items needs to be completed and funds deposited to the business office BEFORE closing out fundraiser.
    • All invoices for your fundraiser MUST be turned in to the business office. You may NOT pay invoices out of your own personal bank account, nor reimburse yourself from profits.

    Food sales must adhere to USDA Smart Snacks Guide. 

    • All collections go to the business office. No exceptions. You cannot take any money collected home, deposit into your personal bank account, or go and get a money order/cashier’s check with the money, etc.
    • Operating Report will be completed as funds are deposited to Business Office.

    Sales Tax

    • Collection of sales tax for all non-edible items (t-shirts, cups, etc.)
    • 8.25%
    • Example:
      • $4 x 8.25% = $0.33 
      • $4 + $0.33 = $4.33 
    • Failure to follow HISD policies can result in disciplinary action.