All Tanglewood Middle School students will receive a Samsung Chromebook with a built-in Wifi hotspot for use during the 2023-24 school year. In order to receive your technology bundle, you must complete the following steps:


    STEP ONE: Read the Parent-Student Information Packet

    Click on the language version of the form you would like to download from the choices below.


    STEP TWO: Complete and submit BOTH the Parent Agreement AND the Student Chromebook Loan Agreement

    Please read all pages carefully.

    You will need to complete one copy for each Tanglewood student in your household.

    • The Student Device Loan Agreement must be signed by both the parent and the student.
    • The Memorandum of Understanding is the Parent Agreement and needs to be completed on the second page.
    • The first Media and Data Release is for Digital Promise and Verizon and allows us to share pictures with them.
    • The second Media Release is for HISD specifically.
    • The Technology Acceptable Use page must be signed by the student.

    The completed paperwork can be sent to school and given to Mrs. Railsback in the downstairs dean's office suite.


    STEP THREE: Complete the Tanglewood Parent Course and submit the Parent Course Completion Form.

    • All parents must complete this course and submit one Google Form (found at the end of the course) for each Tanglewood student.
    • You will only need to complete the Parent Digital Safety Course once, but please fill out one Google Form for each child at the end of the course.


    STEP FOUR: Student Requirements and Device Assignment

    Students will receive their Chromebook, charger, and carrying case during their PE class the week of September 5, 2023. Students who are new to Tanglewood Middle School AFTER this time will receive their items approximately three school-days after they have been enrolled and turned in all required paperwork and fees.

    • Students will need to read and sign the HISD Technology Acceptable Use Policy that is included in the paperwork packet above.
    • Students must complete the first two Student Digital Citizenship Lessons found in Learning.Com (in the Digital Resources of Canvas) by the end of September 2024.
    • Additional lessons will be due each month. 
    • Parent Digital Citizenship resources are also available on the school website.



    Our principal also requires the HISD Socioeconomic Form to be completed each year for each student. It is very important that families complete this form in order for schools to receive Title 1 and State Compensatory Education funding.

    NOTE: If you do not wish to fill out the form, you must:

    • Fill out the student's first and last name and current grade in Step 1.
    • Check the second box under Step 4 indicating that you choose not to provide the information.
    • Print and sign your name and fill in the date at the bottom of the form.