School Improvement Goals

  • The SDMC is required to meet at least once a year to discuss the performance of the school and the school’s objectives. A record of all decisions and significant discussion items must be maintained by the committee. This information should be disseminated to appropriate school and district personnel as well as be available upon request for public review.

Meeting Dates

Committee Members

First Name Last Name Title
Octaviano Treviño Principal
Venita Albert Classroom Teacher
Mitka Chacon Classroom Teacher
Jessica Cruz Classroom Teacher
Lillian Lin Classroom Teacher
Chloe Henson Classroom Teacher
Astrid Herrera Classroom Teacher
Molly Mosely Classroom Teacher
Robert Uzick School-based Staff
Alma Luna School-based Staff
Cleo Malveaux Non-Instructional Staff
Janis Wheeler Business Member
Ann Eisner Community Member
Sophea Im Community Member
Ekaette Ekandem Parent
Gail Mayes Parent
Maria Ortega SPED SLL Teacher

SDMC Agendas

SDMC Minutes