Accelerated Reader Program

  • Dear Parent,

    Your child is participating in the Accelerated Reader Program (AR) at Red Elementary. The program is designed to encourage reading independently. Each time the students come to the Red Library they select a book from their appropriate reading level. After reading their book they may take a short computerized comprehension test on that book (5 or 10 multiple choice questions). Each book is worth points based on the difficulty of the text. Since our school is networked for AR, they can take the test in any classroom or in our school library during “open checkout” from 12pm – 3pm, with teacher permission. As they read and pass more tests, their reading level and scores should improve.

    Please contact me at if you have any questions.


    Thank you,

    Kitty Jacklitsch




    AR Point Levels

    In our main hallway, we feature our Red Elementary “AR Stars” on our school AR board. In order for a student’s name to appear on the “AR Stars” board, a student much reach a minimum of 10 AR points. Once this level is achieved, students may level up further once more AR points are achieved, and advance their AR Star forward. The following are the AR levels your student can achieve:

    -       10 points

    -       15 points

    -       20 points

    -       40 points

    -       60 points

    -       75 points

    -       100 points

    -       150 points

    -       200 points

    -       300 points

    -       Over 300 points Super Star Readers


    Once over 300 points are achieved, students are awarded a gift certificate to a local books store. Prizes and parties for other AR levels are distributed by homeroom teachers and funded by PTO.


    The money to purchase these AR prizes comes from the PTO. Please join the PTO to support this wonderful opportunity for your child/children to receive AR prizes!