5th Grade Team
    Fifth Grade Team
    Ms. Finneran, Mr. Garza, Mr. Nguyen
    Name: Eric Belanger
    Email: eric.belanger@houstonisd.org
    Education: Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the Northeastern University (1998); Alternate Certficiation Program from Texas Teachers (2017)
    Certifications: Generalist (Grades 4-8)
    Professional Experiences: Red Elementary (2021-Present, 2017-2018), Sharpstown International (2018-2021)
    Hobbies - Interests: Eating, traveling, triathlon
    Name: Briana Finneran
    Email: briana.finneran@houstonisd.org
    Education: Bachelor of Arts in Education from State University of New York - Stony Brook (2016); Alternate Certficiation Program from A+ Teachers (2021)
    Certifications: English-Language Arts (Grades 4-8), Social Studies (Grades 4-8), TEFL certified (2018)
    Professional Experiences: Red Elementary (2021-Present), 51Talk Online School (2019-2020), Parker Jewish Institute (2020-2021) Sun View Elementary (2019)
    Hobbies - Interests: Hiking, museums, true crime podcast & television
    Name: Eloy Garza
    Email: egarza2@houstonisd.org
    Education: Bachelor of Science in Education from Pan-Americana Unversity (1992)
    Certifications: Bilingual (Grades 1-6), Self-Contained (Grades 1-6)
    Professional Experiences: Red Elementary (1995-Present)
    Hobbies - Interests: Sports, golf
    Name: Timmy Nguyen
    Email: timmy.nguyen@houstonisd.org
    Education: Bachelor of Science from the University of Houston (2015)
    Certifications: Generalist (Grades EC-6)
    Professional Experiences: Red Elementary (2021-Present)
    Hobbies - Interests: Traveling, eating, working out