• Red Elementary Basketball

    The Red Elementary Bee basketball team participates in the Kate Bell Basketball league, which includes twelve local elementary schools. Boys and girls from 4th and 5th Grades are eligible to practice and play, while 3rd Grade students are eligible for practice only. Although this league is not under Texas U.I.L. governance, our schools follows the accepted standard that grades come before athletics. With the high standard of excellence expected from our student body, a student who receives, at the end of any grading period, a grade below 70 in any class or a student with disabilities who fails to meet the standards in the Individual Education Plan (IEP) may not participate or practice in extracurricular activities for three school weeks.

    The coaches of Red Elementary School continue to dedicate themselves to the development of our student athletes. The physical and emotional growth of each student is weighed when planning and implementing our basketball program. We believe sports are a gift and participation in sports is always an opportunity to represent our school. Our coaches believe in the foundation for teaching commitment, trust, encouragement, respect, humility, and compassion as important individual characteristics of who we are as representatives of Red Elementary School.