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    • And then search for your book! (yes, it’s that easy)
    *Also, be sure to check out our new “STEM” library section for all of our latest science, technology, engineering, and math books!
    -Mrs. Jacklitsch, Red Elementary School Librarian
    Texas Bluebonnet Award 2018-2019
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  • AR Point Levels

    In our main hallway, we feature our Red Elementary “AR Stars” on our school AR board. In order for a student’s name to appear on the “AR Stars” board, a student much reach a minimum of 10 AR points. Once this level is achieved, students may level up further once more AR points are achieved, and advance their AR Star forward.

    Acceleratred Reader page


    Each year the Texas Library Association selects 20 books as nominees for the Bluebonnet Award. Students in grades 3-5 read at least 5 of these books and in January vote for their favorite. The votes are tallied and sent to Austin where they are counted with other schools throughout Texas that participate in this program. The winner receives the prestigious Bluebonnet Award. 

    In addition, a Bluebonnet Breakfast is offered in May for those students who read 10 of the 20 (third graders), 12 of the 20 (fourth graders), and 15 of the 20 (fifth graders) and pass the AR tests. TEACHERS WILL INFORM STUDENTS IF THIS IS OPTIONAL OR REQUIRED.

    We will also be working on Bluebonnet Projects this year.  The list of books is included in this packet.  

    There will be 2 areas of learning that these projects will cover therefore 2 grades will be taken.

    1 – Some way to prove understanding of the book’s content (the AR test)

    2 – A creative project that allows each student to show a special interest or talent (a list of suggestions is included but students are not limited to these)



    Each student will complete two Bluebonnet Projects this school year. It will be your responsibility to find the book. The Red School library has a number of copies of the books as does the public library. You may also purchase the books from a bookstore. 


    Projects may not be turned in early. Due dates must be adhered to. If a project is late I will take 10 points off the grade for each day it is late. After 3 days of no project the grade becomes a 0. AR tests may be taken in the classroom or in the library. The library is open at 7:30 for tests as well as during our library or recess time.    

    Projects may not be turned in early.
    • Act out the story
    • Create a powerpoint or multimedia presentation about the book
    • Make a diorama or mobile
    • Write a letter to the author
    • Make a pop-up story book
    • Dress up like your favorite character from the book
    • Write a poem
    • Paint a scene from the story
    • Make a poster to “sell” the story
    • Write an advertisement for the book
    • Make a collage
    • Make a banner
    • Put on a puppet show
    • Write a new ending to the story
    • Write a sequel
    • Write a commercial about the book
    • Make character masks
    • Read another book by the same author and compare/contrast
    • Write a play or a skit and present it to the class
    • Write and perform a song or rap about the story or characters
    • Make a time line poster
    • Create an information wheel
    • Create a mini-book
    • Create a jigsaw puzzle
    • Make popsicle stick models




    • Write a good summary. Be prepared to give it as part of your oral presentation.
    • Include the Title and Author.
    • Include your first and last name.
    • Practice your presentation!
    • Be able to tell how the project relates to the book.
    • Make connections to real life or to other books.



    • Copy any part of the book. It violates Copyright Law. You my draw a picture or represent the information another way.


    You may not duplicate an idea for a creative project.  For example if for your first project you make a poster, you may not make a poster for your second project. 
  • Mrs. Kitty Jacklitsch is Red Elementary’s school librarian. She comes from Spring Branch ISD where she spent many years teaching middle school U.S. History and Language Arts, and where she completed her library internship. She graduated from the University of Texas in Austin with her bachelor’s degree, and from Sam Houston State with her master’s degreenin Library Science.

    “Each student will be visiting the library once a week with their class to check out books and for a library lesson.

    OPEN CHECK-OUT hours are 11:30am – 1:30pm.

    If you would like to volunteer in the library or have any questions, please email Mrs. Jacklitsch at kathryn.jacklitsch@houstonisd.org.