2nd Grade Team
    Second Grade Team
    Ms. Henson, Ms. Andres, Ms. Sandling
    Ms. Gardea not in the picture.
    Name: Lindsey Andress
    Email: Lindsey.Andress@houstonisd.org
    Education: Bachelor of Arts from University of Houston
    Certifications: EC-6, ESL Supplemental
    Professional Experiences: Red Elementary (2017-Present)
    Hobbies - Interests: My schnauzer, baking, binge watching Netflix, taste testing cupcakes
    Name: Chloe Henson
    Email: chloe.henson@houstonisd.org
    Education: Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education (K-9) from Illinois State University
    Certifications: Texas Core Subjects (Early Childhood-6th grade); Illinois Core Subjects (K-5), English Language Arts (6th-9th grade), Social Studies (6th-9th grade)
    Professional Experiences: Red Elementary (2017-Present); Glenn Elementary (2016-2017)
    Hobbies - Interests: Coaching basketball, baking, binge watching Netflix, traveling to tropical destinations, etc.
    Name: Laura Sandling
    Email: laura.sandling@houstonisd.org
    Education: Bachelor of Arts from Trinity University, San Antonio (2013); Master of Education from University of Houston (2019)
    Certifications: Generalist EC-6, English as a Second Language (ESL) K-12 Supplemental Certificate, Neuhaus Dyslexia Certified Books 1 and 2
    Professional Experiences: Red Elementary (2016-present); KIPP Peace Academy (2015-2016); Myrtle Hall IV Elementary School (2013-2015)
    Hobbies - Interests: reading, baking, watching Netflix, listening to/watching musicals and plays, going out to eat