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    EdReady for Course Placement

    If you do not complete TSI can use EdReady to take assessments that are used for placement in English, reading, and math courses.
    Once you take take EdReady's initial English, reading, and/or math assessment(s), EdReady uses your test score to build a personalized study path where you focus only on the knowledge gaps - allowing to skip the areas they understand and accelerate your mastery of the need-to-know concepts to be placed in a course.
    If the test score doesn't fall within the required range for course placement, you can continue working in EdReady to improve your score until you've mastered the concepts needed for placement.


    To get started, please follow these steps:

    1. Navigate to hccs.edready.org and click Get Started. It's very important that you go to the correct site and you can see the HCC logo at the top of the screen. If you simply Google EdReady and click on the first result, you will end up at the wrong site.
    2. After signing up for an account, you will be prompted to enter a goal key. As a reminder, the goal key is case sensitive. You ill be able to access both the math and reading/writing study paths with the one goal key.


    Texas Success Initiative - TSI -Test Preparation - Math

    Texas Success Initiative - TSI - Test Preparation - Reading and Writing