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    Hello, Room Parents!


    Thank you so much for volunteering to be a Room Parent this year. Every year, we have a group of dedicated parents investing time and energy into our children’s classes as Room Parents. This year, we would like to expand and solidify this Room Parent system into an even more effective program that covers every Home Base Class at Helms.


    Essentially, as a Room Parent, you are the teacher’s liaison to the other parents in your child’s class. And based on what the teacher needs and on what you have the time for and interest in, you can take on as big or as small a role as you would like. In the past, by communicating with the teacher and the other parents, Room Parents have organized classroom celebrations, coordinated field trip chaperones, scheduled parents who want to read to the class or share other skills and talents, offered support during testing, brought kids snacks and supplies as requested by the teacher, helped students with parades and performances, and in general ensured a more efficient and organized classroom experience for the teacher and the students.

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