• Welcome to Horn Elementary


    Home of the Cardinals, where we SOAR as one team, united by one mission.

  • Mission Statement

    Horn Elementary’s mission is to provide a diverse global education for each learner in a creative, conceptual, and collaborative community. Through mutual respect within the learning environment, our community will strengthen collaborative relationships to achieve a place where we are valued and supported.  


    Vision Statement

    The most promising strategy for achieving our school’s mission is to develop our capacity to function as an achievement community. 

    We envision a school in which staff

      • Foster diverse and conceptual thinkers to be responsible citizens.
      • Differentiate curriculum and lessons to meet the needs of all learners. 
      • Effectively collaborate and communicate with learners, staff, and the community. 
      • Maintain a socially and emotionally supportive culture. 


    Collective Commitments 

    To achieve the shared vision of our school, Horn staff have made the following commitments.

      • We will use curriculum and resources to offer exciting and creative opportunities that students can discover beyond the traditional curriculum, inspiring them to explore their interests and develop new skills, 
      • Empower every student by providing them with the necessary tools, knowledge, and skills to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally, 
      • Involve families in student learning, 
      • Engage all students with love and respect with the belief that each student has unique abilities and potential that should be nurtured and developed, and
      • Promote emotional regulation, self-management strategies, and social skills.
Picture Vanessa Flores
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Picture Hollie Zamora
Assistant Principal
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Picture Michael Hunt
Assistant Principal
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Picture Reinal Salako
Special Education Chair
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Picture Celeste Vershon
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