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General Questions

  • When is New Employee Orientation?

  • What is the HISD Welcome Letter?

  • How do I get an employee ID badge?

  • How do I get a replacement badge?

  • How do I find my duty schedule?

  • Who is my Human Resources contact person?

  • How can I view HISD’s employee policies?


  • What coverage will I have if I don't enroll in any district benefits?

  • Who should I call with benefits questions?

  • When do benefits begin for a new employee?

  • When is the enrollment deadline?


  • Am I eligible for a 403(b) or 457 retirement plan?

  • What is TRS, and when do I qualify?


  • Who do I contact regarding compensation or contracts?

  • How do I receive credit for my previous years of experience?

  • When will I receive the first paycheck?

  • How do I switch between Direct Deposit and a Pay Card?

  • What is "Escrow" and how does it work?

  • Who do I contact regarding compensation or contracts?

  • How do I access my paycheck, and when will I receive the first one?

  • Who should I contact with Payroll questions?


  • How many days of paid leave do I have per year?

  • When can I use my state/local leave?

  • What is the difference between state and local days?

  • Does leave from my previous district transfer to HISD? Does leave transfer automatically?

  • Does leave time carry over from year to year?


  • What is my username and password?

  • How do I change my password?

  • How do I log in to my email?

  • How do I access OneSource?

  • How do I access Microsoft Teams?