Before You Arrive

  • Getting started is exciting, but can be overwhelming as well. Navigate through this portion of the website to get access to tangible steps you can take throughout your first year with HISD to help you feel connected and get timely information. Please note that there are different responsibilities with each job description, so remember to consistently check in with your manager to ensure that you have completed all of the necessary training and requirements for your position.
     Quick Information You Need
     Schedule, Job Duties, and Expectations
    • Reach out to your principal/manager to determine your first week’s schedule
    • Review hours and days of work. Learn about procedures for overtime, use of vacation, sick time, holidays, and any flexible work procedures
    • Complete any required pre-service training
    • Set up your workspace and/or classroom, if possible
    • Get a tour of your campus and/or workplace
    Get to know more about your new workplace, HISD