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Welcome to Team HISD!

While most teachers are hired during the summer months, and are able to attend New Teacher Orientation in August, Houston ISD actively hires and trains teachers throughout the year. Use this page to explore the process of accepting a teaching position in HISD, and as general guidance on your first few months with the district.

Step 1: Pre-Hire Process

During the Pre-Hire process, here are some steps new teachers should anticipate:

Contract & Offer Sent

Candidate Acceptance

Pre-Hire Session

Verification of Records

You're Hired!

Hiring Manager/Principal sends recommendation for job offer

Candidate accepts job offer and completes online forms

Candidate attends Pre-Hire Session and submits required documentation

Candidate submits transcripts & service records

Candidate is given a start date and a link to register for New Employee Orientation is provided

Step 2: New Employee Orientation

New Employee Orientation

Once a new teacher is cleared to begin work, their campus' Talent Coordinator will send a Welcome Letter with a link to register for New Employee Orientation. During New Employee Orientation, new employees will be provided with information on Benefits, Safety and Emergency, IT Training, Social and Emotional Learning, Payroll, Annual Compliance Courses, Human Resources, Appraisal Training, and District Policies, Procedures, and Governance. 

Step 3: Begin working in HISD

You may be cleared to begin work before your New Employee Orientation date. You do not have to attend New Employee Orientation prior to beginning work, but must attend within 30 instructional days.

You are my Hero!

Students honor HISD's teachers for the impact these educators have made on their lives.


    Academic Calendar Key dates for holidays, grading periods, report cards, first and last days of school. 
    Professional Development See what the PD department has to offer for instructional staff and how to register for training opportunities.
    Curriculum Overview Preview the curriculum documents that HISD has to support its teachers