Hiring Managers

  • Getting new HISD employees off to a good start can make a big difference in their feeling welcomed and in their effectiveness on the job. The new hire process starts with the offer letter and extends through the first 12 months on the job and is critical for retaining top talent.

    Your new hires should have attended the New Employee Orientation and enrolled in Benefits within the first 30 days from their date of hire. Our team aims to increase the efficiency and effectiveness for the new hire to be work-ready when they arrive to their work location.

    However, it is critical to officially welcome and orient your new employees to your part of Team HISD.
    Benefits of the Human Resources
    • Consistent message and process for all employees
    • Allows new hires to have all of their questions answered
    • Avoids errors in paperwork and payroll
    • Allows new hires to focus on their job responsibilities
    • Leads to increase in employee retention & satisfaction
    For additional tips and suggestions, use the resources located below to assist you in welcoming and orienting new employees.
    Resource   Details
    Central Office Onboarding Framework & Checklist General framework used to onboard new central office employees. Tasks are broken down pre-arrival, first days, and first 30 days of new hire's employment. 
     Provides resources and link to help managers effectively and efficiently onboard and manage teams.