To qualify

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    To qualify for the Middle College High School at HCC Felix Fraga, our students must:

    • Reside within HISD district 
    • Be under 21 years of age

    We are looking for:

    • Looking for a small environment
    • Students who would appreciate and enjoy a college environment.
    • Students who feel disconnected from or distracted by a traditional high school culture.
    • Learners with unrealized potential who need a different setting in which to recover credits and accelerate career and college readiness. 
    • Students who would do better in a more intimate environment that provides stability, personalized support, and a mature, college-going culture.
    • Plan on pursuing a Level 1 certificate or/and college classes.

    Students that we accept must understand that this is a school of choice. When you choose to come to our school, you are choosing to make a change to meet your goals. We are here to help you, but you put in the effort.

    Students are expected to follow both HISD and HCC Student Codes of Conduct at all times.