• Spanish 3 Pre AP Lesson Plans:     2014-2015                                                                            Marilyn Hartley


    NOTE: The following lesson plans are based on the HISD LOTE vertical and horizontal curriculum design.  That design incorporates CLEAR as well as TEKS in a systematic focus.  Because lesson plans are, by nature, simply a guide, they are subject to change and revision from day to day, even from class to class, as is the nature of  teaching and learning.


    CYCLE 1

    Weeks  #1 & 2

    Objectives:           Communicate in the present tense using adjectives appropriately.

    Grammar:              Present indicative tense, present progressive tense, gustar, possessive adjectives                 

    Vocabulary:        Family, Celebrations

    Writing:                Paragraph:  1) Yo, 2) Mi familia 3) Un fin típico  Essay: Mi mejor amigo(a)

    Reading:               Sala de espera, La muerte (el grimorio),

    Speaking:             Partners: Una conversación telefónica

    Listening:                Zarabanda, episode 1: listening comprehension quiz

    Culture:                   Daily activities of young people

    Assessments:        Two quizzes, Workbook assignments (unit PE)


    TEKS:                   01.A.01;-1.A.02; 01.A.03;01.A.08;01.B.03;01.B.04;01.C.01;01.C.02;03.A.01


    Weeks 3 & 4

    Objectives:           Communicate in the present and present perfect tenses.

    Grammar:           Present indicative, present perfect, demonstratives

    Vocabulary:        Entertainment, Vacations, Houses, Chores, Travel

    Writing:                Paragraph: Un fin típico   

    Reading:               Travelogues: Text

    Speaking:             Individual oral:  “Yo”

    Listening:             Zarabanda, episodes 2 & 3: listening comprehension quiz

    Culture: Skiing in Bariloche, Argentina

    Assessments:        Two quizzes, Workbook assignment, Peer reviews

    Pre TEST             National Spanish Exam, Level 3  (student progress indicator)

    Project(s)              “Yo” poster and presentation (major grade)

    TEKS:                   01.A.01;01.A.02; 01.A.03;01.A.08;01.B.03;01.B.04;01.C.01


    Weeks 5 & 6

    Objectives:           Communicate using irregular and stem-changing present indicative

    Grammar:           Irregular and stem-changing verbs: present tense, and Mandatos

    Vocabulary:        School, Friends, Activities

    Writing:                Una carta a un amigo en España describiendo DeBakey HP

    Reading:               La vida escolar de España y otros países (text)

    Speaking:             Partners: One is guide, the other is new student at HP

    Listening:             Zarabanda,episode 4 & 5: listening comprehension quiz

    Culture:                Mini-research: school in Latin America and Spain

    Assessments:        Comprehensive Collaborative Test: Major Grade


    TEKS:                   01.A.01;-1.A.02; 01.A.03;01.A.08;01.B.03;01.B.04;01.C.01;01.C.02


    CYCLE 2

    Week  # 7 & 8                      Días inolvidables

    Objectives:           Understanding and mastery of subject/verb and noun/adjective agreement

    Grammar:           Accurate agreement and word placement in statements and questions

    Vocabulary:        La vida diaria

    Writing:                Unas entradas en su propio diario

    Reading:               Elena y su familia  (text)

    Speaking:             El mejor día que recuerdo

    Listening:             Zarabanda, episodes 6 & 7,  listening comprehension



    Culture: Video: La quinceañera

    Assessments:        Two quizzes

    Project(s)              Mi mejor día poster and presentation (major grade)

    TEKS:                   01.A.02; 01.A.03;01.A.08;01.B.03;01.B.04;01.C.01



    Weeks  # 9 & 10                  Recuerdos del pasado

    Objectives:           Communicate in the past tense employing vocabulary related to topics.

    Grammar:           El pretérito:  regular, irregular, stem-changing, and applications

    Vocabulary:        Camping, natural environment, Weather

    Writing:                Las vacaciones del verano

    Reading:               Camino de Santiago, La leyenda de Iztraccihuatl and Popocatépetl

    Speaking:             Partners: El baile

    Listening:             Zarabanda8 & 9, listening comprehension

    Culture:                National parks in S.A., Ecocamps in Chile, Sports in Spanish world

    Assessments:        Two quizzes, Major Test: Preterit Mastery

    Project(s)              (1)Illustrate: El mejor día  (2) Children’s Book (Major Grade)

    TEKS:                   A.01;-1; 01.A.03;01.A.08;01.B.03;01.B.04;01.C.01;01.C.02;03.A.01;04.C.01;05.B.02


    Weeks  # 11 & 12               El arte en nuestro mundo

    Objectives:           Communicate in the past tense employing related vocabulary

    Grammar:           El imperfecto: formation and applications, estar + past participle, El sufijo “ismo”

    Vocabulary:        El arte y la historia

    Writing:                La obra de arte favorita mía

    Reading:               Text selections (pp. 62 – 72)

    Speaking:             Una crítica de una obra anónima

    Listening:             Zarabanda 10 & 11, listening comprehension

    Culture:                El español y la comunidad, Self-expression, graffiti, murals

    Assessments:        Two quizzes, one major test (preterit v. imperfect and artists)

    Project(s)              (1)Artist partnership            (2) La Navidad project (Major Grade)

    TEKS:                   A.01;-1; 01.A.03;01.A.08;01.B.03;01.B.04;01.C.01;01.C.02;03.A.01;04.C.01;05.B.02



    CYCLE 3

    Weeks  # 13, 14, 15            ¿Cómo te expresas?

    Objectives:           Communicate in the past tense employing related vocabulary

    Grammar:           El imperfecto, estar + past participle, El sufijo “ismo”

    Vocabulary:        El arte y la historia

    Writing:                La obra de arte favorita mía

    Reading:               Text selections (pp. 62 – 72)

    Speaking:             Una crítica de una obra anónima

    Listening:             Zarabanda 12 & 13

    Culture:                El español y la comunidad, Self-expression, graffiti, murals

    Assessments:        Two quizzes, one major test (preterit v. imperfect and artists)

    Project(s)              Artist partnership

    TEKS:                   A.01;-1; 01.A.03;01.A.08;01.B.03;01.B.04;01.C.01;01.C.02;03.A.01;04.C.01;05.B.02



    Weeks 16, 17, 18                 ¿Cómo te llevas con los demás?

    Objectives:           Mastery of present subjunctive formation and basic applications

    Grammar:           Present subjunctive, “por” versus “para” , Commands

    Vocabulary:        Conflict in the family and friendships

    Writing:                Ser un buen amigo (una página)

    Reading:               El amor en las artes, Conflictos  (text)



    Speaking:             Partner skit:  resolver un conflicto

    Listening:             Zarabanda 14 & 15

    Culture:                Characteristics of friendships and famly relationships in Spain, Latin America

    Assessments:        Three quizzes, Major Test (subjunctive forms, applications)


    TEKS:                   .01;-1; 01.A.03;01.A.08;01.B.03;01.B.04;01.C.01;01.C.02;03.A.01;04.C.01;05.B.02      


    CYCLE 4                                                                                             

    Weeks  #19, 20, 21             Trabajo y comunidad

    Objectives:           Communication using perfect tense differentiation

    Grammar:           El presente perfecto y el pluscuamperfecto, professional suffixes

    Vocabulary:        Getting a job, describing skills and abilities, volunteer work

    Writing:                (1) Job application              (2) Recommendation letter

    Reading:               La pobreza  (text)

    Speaking:             Partners:  Job interview

    Listening:             Zarabanda 16 & 17

    Culture:                Estados Unidos...en español,  En busca de empleo, La elección de la clase

    Assessments:        Two quizzes, writing assigments, oral, listening comprehension


    TEKS:                   A.01;-1; 01.A.03;01.A.08;01.B.03;01.B.04;01.C.01;01.C.02;03.A.01   



    Weeks # 22, 23, 24             ¿Qué nos traerá el futuro?

    Objectives:           Communicate about plans, careers, professions using the future tense  

    Grammar:           Future indicative tense, future perfect, probability and wonderment, complementos

    Vocabulary:        Careers, Professions, Technology

    Writing:                Yo en el año 2016,  El mundo de ___________________ en 2026

    Reading:               Rima LIII, por Gustavo Bécquer,  y  Rosa

    Speaking:             La escuela del futuro,

    Listening:             Zarabanda 18 & 19

    Culture:                Technology, future careers

    Assessments:        Two quizzes, Major Test (future, complementos)

    Project(s)              Time capsule (groups)

    TEKS:                   01;-1; 01.A.03;01.A.08;01.B.03;01.B.04;01.C.01;01.C.02;03.A.01;04.C.01;05.B.02       


    CYCLE 5

    Weeks # 25, 26, 27             ¿Mito o realidad?

    Objectives:           Learn about ancient civilizations, communicate about mysterious events

    Grammar:           Present and Present Perfect subjunctive: expressions of doubt

    Vocabulary:        Archeology

    Writing:                Un mito de mi familia, una leyenda ilustrada

    Reading:               Sueño cuarto

    Speaking:             Tu descubrimiento científico

    Listening:             Zarabanda 20 & 21

    Culture:                Mitos de varias culturas

    Assessments:        Two quizzes, Major Test (Project content)

    Project(s)              Precolombian Project (Major Grade)

    TEKS:                   A.03;01.A.08;01.B.03;01.B.04;01.C.01;01.C.02;03.A.01                        


    Weeks # 28, 29, 30             Encuentro entre culturas

    Objectives:           Communicate employing the conditional tense about cultural differences                           

    Grammar:           El condicional, wonderment and probability expressions

    Vocabulary:        Cultura

    Writing:                La historia de mi familia



    Reading:               Calabó y bambú, El último sol

    Speaking:             Algo único de mi cultura

    Listening:             Zarabanda 22 & 23

    Culture:                Las misiones de California ( y de Tejas)

    Assessments         One quiz, Major Test (Future and conditional)


    TEKS:                   01;-1; 01.A.03;01.A.08;01.B.03;01.B.04;01.C.01;01.C.02;03.A.01;04.C.01;05.B.02       


    CYCLE 6

    Weeks  #31, 32, 33             Cuidemos nuestro planeta

    Objectives:           Communicate about environmental concerns, express attitudes and opinions

    Grammar:           Imperfect and pluperfect subjunctive, advanced applications of the subjunctive, relative clauses (adjectival and adverbial)

    Vocabulary:        Ecology, Environment, Recycling

    Writing:                Cuidemos nuestros océanos

    Reading:               La mariposa monarca

    Speaking:             Unas vacaciones inolvidables

    Listening:             Zarabanda 24

    Culture:                Conservation as practiced in various parts of the world

    Assessments:        Two quizzes, Major Test (subjunctive versus indicative)


    TEKS:                   01;-1; 01.A.03;01.A.08;01.B.03;01.B.04;01.C.01;01.C.02;03.A.01;04.C.01


    Week #34, 35, 36                                ¿Cuáles son tus derechos y deberes?

    Objectives:           Communicate about rights and responsibilities, role of government

    Grammar:           Passive voice, present and imperfect subjunctive review           

    Vocabulary:        Rights in the home, school, and society; parents’ rights             

    Writing:                ¿Cuáles son sus derechos?

    Reading:               Si me permiten hablar...

    Speaking:             Los derechos de los estudiantes

    Listening:             Zarabanda 25

    Culture:                Comparisons of cultures and countries

    Assessments:        One quiz, Major test: subjunctive in all forms, uses, FINAL EXAM (collaborative)

    Post TEST            National Spanish Exam, Level 3  (student progress indicator)

    Project(s):             Si yo fuera el presidente de los EEUU...

    TEKS:                   01;-1; 01.A.03;01.A.08;01.B.03;01.B.04;01.C.01;01.C.02;03.A.01;04.C.01;05.B.02