• History

    In 1972, the first High School for Health Professions in the nation opened in Houston with 45 students attending classes at Baylor College of Medicine. The school's first graduating class consisted of 32 students. Since then, DeBakey HSHP has continued to develop and provide a rigorous and comprehensive pre-college program for students pursuing careers in medicine, health care, and/or the sciences. It offers to its students experiences in health-care and research facilities with the Texas Medical Center.

    Students apply for admission to DeBakey HSHP and are selected based upon past academic performance, nationally-normed test scores, conduct, attendance and merit. DeBakey HSHP students consistently perform above district and statewide averages on the SAT and ACT examinations and on the state-mandated tests (TAAS, TAKS, and now STAAR). AP exam passing rates also exceed the national average. The school has received numerous awards from such organizations as the Governor's Committee for Educational Excellence of the State of Texas, the National Science Teachers Association, the US. Department of Education and the Houston Mayor's office. DeBakey HSHP has also been selected by the National Science Foundation, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and The Rockefeller Foundation to pilot special programs established to increase minority representation in medicine and the sciences.

    Currently, 98%+ of DeBakey HSHP's graduates attain postsecondary education. A follow-up study indicated that the DeBakey HSHP had successfully prepared its graduates to access education and careers in health-related and scientific professions. Respondents indicated that they:

    1. had accessed postsecondary education in large numbers
    2. were doing well in their respective undergraduate programs
    3. had maintained interest in and were pursuing studies leading to careers in the health sciences
    4. preferred medicine as a first career choice
    DeBakey HSHP offers students interested in science and health careers an alternative to the traditional high school experience. DeBakey HSHP is a small high school with a diverse population. It is located in the renowned Texas Medical Center and is a magnet school in the Houston Independent School District (HISD). DeBakey HSHP offers its students a rigorous curriculum. Its diverse faculty is dedicated to offering students a solid college preparatory program which requires courses in upper level science and mathematics combined with an excellent introductory study of medicine and medical careers. 

    Mission Statement

    To provide a challenging, well-balanced college preparatory program which focuses on educational experiences in science and the health professions and to further an understanding of our diverse and multicultural community.

    Program Benefits

    DeBakey HSHP is the best school in HISD and the state of Texas! 
    • Safe, small school environment
    • Highest student attendance rate in HISD
    • Traditionally $10+ Million in scholarship offers for each graduating class
    • 98%+ college bound graduates
    • Summer Math Academy for accepted students needing Algebra 1
    • Advanced Placement (AP) courses
    • Curriculum that culminates in college level courses in Math and Science
    • Enrichment/Tutorial activities
    • Yearly Science Symposium
    • Field Day activities in the Spring semester
    • Local and national clubs and organizations
    • Summer program opportunities within the Texas Medical Center as well as major universities and colleges
    • Mentorship program opportunities with local elementary schools and hospitals
    • Block scheduling - 8 periods in 2 days
    • Evening dances: Freshman-Senior dance and Winter Ball
    • Homecoming activities and Royal court as part of the Winter Ball
    • SAT prep class as part of the curriculum in the 10th grade
    • DHSHP/UH/Baylor Premedical Program for up to 6 graduating seniors each year
    • Academic preparation for college
    • Unique course selection
    • Learning opportunities in the Texas Medical Center
    • Use of the Texas Medical Center library
    • Close association with Baylor College of Medicine