•  Class of 2026 Reminders

    Class of 2027 Reminders

    There's so much that needs to happen to ensure a smooth transition to high school. Read more about all the steps necessary and what you can expect for each event. Included you will find direct links to everything that is being asked to do.

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  •  New Student Welcoming

    New Student Orientation

    There will be 2 sessions available on April 29th for this event. Read more about how you can be prepared ahead of time, registration information, and knowledge on where to park for this event.

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  • new to HISD students only

    Current non-HISD Student Requirement

    Students who are CURRENTLY NOT ATTENDING an HISD campus, are REQUIRED to complete online enrollment. This is crucial for schedule input and laptop deployment. Click to read the steps required to ensure the student is setup and ready to go for a successful first year at DeBakey High School.

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  •  HISD Connect Parent Portal/PowerSchool

    HISD Connect Parent Portal/Powerschool

    The HISD Connect Parent Portal (PowerSchool) is a great tool to stay on top of your student's information. You can set up alerts for attendance, when a grade drops/rises, or even for missing assignments. Student information forms are also completed on the Portal so there is no more need for paper forms.

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  •  enrollment packet forms

    Enrollment Packet Forms

    An enrollment form packet will be provided by the registrar on the day of DeBakey Enrollment on June 10th. Save time by printing, completing, and bringing the forms the day of to help expedite the process.

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  •  Bell Schedules

    Bell Schedules

    What time do the students go to lunch? What period is ADA? Final exam schedule, what does that look like? Click here to see the bell schedules, including those for special events, for the school year.

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  •  course selection

    Course Selection

    The counselors have uploaded a step by step video to help make sure you are selecting the correct classes for your student. Watch and read the instructions to complete the next step in the registration process.

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  •  4 year course sequence

    4 Year Course Sequence

    Not sure what comes after Algebra 1 or Biology? Read more about the 4 year course sequence in preparation for course selection and the upcoming school years.

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  •  Course Descriptions

    Course Descriptions

    Have questions about what course options are available for your student? Prepare for course selection by reading the course descriptions for the classes offered.

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  •  Summer Assignments

    Summer Assignments

    Summer Reading, Math, and Science assignments are all listed here. Some are graded and some are to brush up on your skills. Either way, make sure you're ready for the start of the school year.

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  •  laptop distribution registration

    Laptop Distribution

    Registration is required for laptop distribution. Students should plan to be here about 1.5 hours for laptop orientation. Read more about the process and make sure you bring all forms required to make ensure things run smoothly at your appointment.

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  •  Tips for Success

    Tips for Success

    Parent Session, Tips, and Suggested Study Plan. We want to make sure that our students always start off on the right foot. Click here to watch our parent informational session which has tips and advice for DeBakey students and a suggested study plan that will help ensure a successful 4 years. Also know that we have many resources available to help aid students when things don't go as planned.

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  •  School Dress Code


    Students must follow the school dress code policy guidelines on a daily basis. Make sure you know the rules on what's acceptable because detention isn't any fun.

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  •  Bus Route Information

    Bus Route Information

    Need school bus transportation? Find out how to sign up so that your student is assigned a route (if eligible). Also read up on the district's Transportation app and how great of a helpful tool it can be.

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