• Horn Discipline Plan

    A school wide discipline plan promotes intrinsic responsibility and self-discipline. Each student will choose the appropriate actions, knowing what is right and what the consequence is. Horn School follows the HISD Code of Student

    Horn’s discipline plan is based on the Assertive Discipline approach of Lee Canter. Basic to this approach is an understanding that the teacher has:

    • The right to establish an ideal learning environment
    • The right to determine and request appropriate behavior from students
    • The right to ask for help from parents and school administrators when assistance is need with a child.

    This discipline plan includes

    • School wide rules
    • Guidelines for classroom rules
    • Suggestions for positive and negative reinforcements
    • Disciplinary steps to be taken by teachers and administrators

     School-wide Rules

    • Respect the rights of others.
    • Walk quietly.
    • Talk quietly.
    • Use appropriate language.
    • Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
    • Follow the directives of all staff members.
    • Take care of school property; i.e. restrooms, grounds.
    • Obey school bus rules.

    Consequence: Classroom teachers will record behavior daily. Any severe misconduct will be reported directly to parents and administration.

    Reward: Positive reinforcement such as a good conduct button, sticker, or extra privileges.

    Cafeteria Rules 

    • Follow all school wide rules.
    • Remain seated during lunch time.
    • Eat and touch only your food.
    • For a special need, raise your hand and wait to be recognized.
    • Enter in a quiet line.
    • Go through the service line once.
    • Return trays in an orderly manner.
    • Line up quietly and wait for your teacher.


    • 1st offense – warning
    • 2nd offense - moved to the time out table
    • 3rd offense - report to classroom teacher

    Any severe misconduct will be reported directly to parents and administration.  

    Core Enrichment Classes

    Core Enrichment  teachers are responsible for recording appropriate and inappropriate conduct on an anenrichment cillary conduct sheet that is given to the homeroom teacher. This becomes a part of the student’s daily conduct assessment. Any severe misconduct will be reported directly to parents and administration. Ancillary teachers work with the classroom teachers in promoting self-discipline and student respect.

    All teachers request that parents contact the teacher first when there are questions or concerns about classroom discipline or procedures. Teachers want to communicate with parents.

Last Modified on July 26, 2021