HISD School Lunches

  • Lunch Periods & Lunch Deliveries

    Pershing Middle School has four lunch periods.  All students receive a 30-minute lunch and must follow the expectations below:  

        • Students may use the restrooms by the cafeteria before or during lunch.
        • Students may not use the restrooms in the academic hallways during their lunch period.
        • Students must report directly to their class after lunch.
        • Items made of glass (ex. glass bottles) are prohibited on campus.
        • Students and/or parents are not allowed to bring food for other students per HISD policy. This includes birthday cakes, cupcakes, cookies, etc.
        • A separate table will be provided for students who wish to eat lunch with their parents.
        • Students will not have access to a microwave to heat up their food and they are not allowed to use teacher or staff microwaves.  Please pack food that does not require heating.
        • Due to the limited time for lunch, students should come to school with their lunch or plan on purchasing a lunch each day. It is the student’s responsibility to stop by the Main Office to pick up any lunch that is delivered by a parent/guardian.  We do not accept lunch deliveries from outside companies for students.    


Last Modified on August 10, 2022