HISD School Lunches

  • lunch Did you know your child might be eligible to receive free benefits and services? By completing the Free & Reduced Price Meal application your child may qualify for free or reduced price school meals and other benefits including reduced school fees. Children who eat healthy, nutritious meals daily are more likely to succeed in the classroom. HISD offers healthy breakfast, lunch, and afterschool snacks every school day.
     BREAKFAST & LUNCH PROCEDURES A pre-packaged breakfast will be provided during the first class of the day to those students who wish to eat one. All students will eat lunch in their enrichment classroom during the designated lunch time. Students may eat a school provided pre-packaged lunch or bring their own lunch. Due to us limiting visitors on campus, parents will not be able to drop off lunch or have lunch with their child. Physical Education, Fine Arts, and Elective teachers who do not have enrichment classes will assist the Leadership Team with monitoring classrooms, so the classroom teacher has time for their 30-minute duty free lunch. All students will be required to assist with cleaning up their desk area once they finished eating. When the weather permits, we will work on a rotating schedule that allows classes to eat in the courtyard on designated days.
Last Modified on October 17, 2020