Cell Phones and Electronic Devices

  • Students will not be allowed to use a cell phone during school hours, including:

    • In class.
    • During office assistant or teaching assistant periods.
    • In transit to another location within the building, such as leaving the classroom to use the restroom, or to visit the Assistant Principal.
    • Who expect to receive a text/call from their parent during class time.
    • Who are in transit to the gym.

    Students may choose to bring his/her cell phone to school to be used before school or after school.  However, cell phones are to remain out of sight from 8:20 – 3:50 each day.  This includes headphones and Air Pods. 



    If a student violates any of the policy state above, the phone or other electronic device will be confiscated by any staff member present and the student will face disciplinary action.

    • If a device is confiscated:
      • Students and/or parents must pay a $15 fine to the Assistant Principal Clerk (before school, during lunch or after school). Pershing only accepts cash and correct change.
      • If a student refuses to surrender a cell phone or electronic device, a minimum of one day of ISS will be assigned in addition to the consequence above.
Last Modified on August 7, 2019