• The Black American Club 

    Jordan R, 12th Grade
    I am interested in journalism and nusing. They are 2 majors I would like pursue. Opening a dance studio is another dream of mine. Writing and dancing is in my blood. I wanted to be a part of something that made me understand more about myself. The Black American Club helped me in that aspect and has taught me that dedication and team work can make wonderful things together. This club really brings the best out of me.

    Tisha T, 11th Grade 
    Vice President
    I chose this club because I was new to this school and wanted to get involve with a organization. I saw a flyer and thought about what I can learn from it and that's how I became a part of The Black American Club. This club is vibrant, exciting, educational and charitable because we put on events that are wonderful and enjoyable for all. We do charitable events to help other organizations and we learn more about our black history each and every meeting. I would like to pursue a career in the music industry as a business/talent manager. I'm really good at math and being friendly.

    Altrese B, 12th Grade
    I join anything helping me share about my culture; I would have no choice but to be a part of it. The BAC is an organization for all people to come together and learn more about black history and spread it through out our community. My top skills are my people skills and softball. I hope to go to law school one day to become a D.A. 

    Jarrell T, 12th Grade 
    I was asked to join by my girlfriend but I didn't realize how comfortable and fun this organization really was. I feel accepted and I am able to be myself. My best skills are singing and making my own beats. I hope to take my skills to music production in the future. While I'm not hitting the tunes I love to swim.

    Che'Tyron P, 11th Grade 
    I wanted to do more in school and BAC was a good choice to gain experience for me. The black american club is helping me become a more powerful person. I also learn so much about the african american culture. Singing and dancing is what I do and I hope to take that with me to the future. Along with the dancing I would also like to pursue a career in nursing.
    Corra M, 11th Grade 
    I wanted to be a part of something before I graduated next year. BAC showed me hard work really pays off with the wonderful interactions I've encountered with people I've never met. The community hours also helped my pathway to graduation. Event coordinating is a specialty of mine. I hope to major in music for I would love to teach how to play the piano.

    Tehya K, 11th Grade 
    I chose to be a part of BAC because I want to work with my fellow ethics and as well as diversities to show the school that we are a serious organization as well as me being a serious individual.My best skills are speaking and writing. I have a talent of being an awesome rapper of music and clothing design. I want to get a business, arts, and fashion degree as well as a 2 year nursing degree. The black american club is a very diverse group of young people educated in our culture and want to work hard to give back to Chavez as well as graduate and benefit from this organization even after graduation. You have to be dedicated assertive, serious, and willing to attend all meetings, events, rehearsals, etc. The most important part of this club is to be able to work with other and have fun!
    Kayla P, 11th Grade 
    I chose to be a part of The Black American Club because I love the fact that I can be in an organization for my ethnicity in which I can learn more about how we evolved. BAC also shows that we have more to show than we are acknowledged for. My best skill is that I am not afraid of change and I can take risk with no problems. My majors are in health sciences and medicines. I want to become a physical therapist/sports trainer for basketball players in the NBA. I also would love to pursue a career as a surgeon and perform open heart surgeries and other organ transplants. BAC is where you can be open minded and outgoing. This is an organization where we take opportunities and run with them. You learn new things and experiences by participating in different volunteer opportunities to make our community better.
    Travaurus S, 12th Grade 
    I feel that this program will support Black Americans and show where we came from and that all young black men doesn't walk around with our pants to our ankles. Being a distraction is my specialty honestly. I want to be an entrepreneur and own many companies so that the generations after me should have something tremendous to look forward to in their futures. BAC is a fun family that is working on showing the great things in the black culture that I just learned of and I feel that if they're considering joining then this is the club for them. 
    Jair W, 12th Grade 
    I joined to learn more about my culture. I am very interested in sports. In college, I hope to major in sports medicine, psychology, and to be in the NFL. BAC is an interesting club that shows the things blacks have done for the world.

    Tre'Darious Hamilton, 12th Grade 
    We are a strong group building our foundation for the come up. I joined because the support for Black Americans is tremendous. I hope to major in Kinesiology. My best talent is in the basketball court. People say I am very wise. 

    Naomi F, 11th Grade 
    I chose to be a part of this organization because I feel as if it'll be a good impact on myself. My best talent is being a great athlete. I would like to study science in college. I hope to be a pediatrician or a pro athlete in the future.
    Jacqueline W, 12th Grade 
    I wanted to learn more about Black History. Black American Club helped me on that goal. BAC is a place to be where you learn from not only your advisor, but also from your peers. You come in from your won world to come share on specific moment. I love singing, dancing, inspiring, and making people laugh. I hope to take those skills into my career choice in the future.

    Jeremiah R, 12th Grade 
    BAC is very positive and organized. A group that only gets better as more join. I enjoy basketball, drawing and writing. I hope to study journalism and sports broadcasting.
    Gina M, 11th Grade 
    I chose to be a part of this organization because I wanted to be a part of something that represented me and my culture. Especially going to a school like Chavez, where there aren't many blacks and the school doesn't really celebrate races and heritage.  The Black American Club is a very vibrant, educational, charitable, and exciting program to be a part of. It celebrates African Americans, which are usually not looked upon as the highest or in that group of elite races people expect to excel.