Where do I get a copy of my transcript?

    You can request transcripts in the Registrar’s office before school, during lunch or after school. Electronic transcript requests are sent free of charge. The cost for a paper transcript is $1. Requests for electronic transcripts can be made on Naviance. Under Colleges I’m Applying To, click on request transcripts.

    How do I get a mid-year transcript?

    Mid-year transcript must be requested separately. The Registrar will announce in January when they will begin accepting those requests.

    Final transcripts will also have to be requested separately. The Registrar will announce in May when those requests will be accepted.

    · Students can have up to 3 final transcripts with no fee, if requested on or before the last day of the school year.

    · No transcripts will be mailed to student homes.

    · These transcripts are only for colleges, NCAA Clearinghouse, and financial aid.

    Procedure for Ordering an Official Transcript:

    · There is a $1.00 charge for paper transcripts.

    · Official transcript request requiring counselor recommendations: Submit your completed package at least four weeks before college/scholarship/agency postmark deadline.

    · Official transcript request only (no recommendation): Submit the completed package at least one week before college/scholarship/agency postmark deadline.

    · Jones will be sending transcripts electronically, but if a student wants it mailed they can request and pay the $1.00 fee.

    · Request transcript through Naviance and in Registrar’s office. Pay $1.00 for paper copies of your transcript and sign receipt sheet in Registrar’s office.


    Place application essay, letters of recommendation, etc. with request card in Registrar’s office. (complete and sign all required forms).

    Procedures for Ordering an Unofficial Transcript:

    · Fill out Transcript request at the front desk in Ms. Jones office.  Allow 24 hrs for processing.  Transcipts are $1.00.  Pick up in the Registrar’s office.