• Sponsorship

    The Sapphire Stars are so thankful for all the sponsorships they have received from businesses, friends, and family. We would not be able to do what we love with out your support. 

    If you are here looking for how to sponsor a Sapphire Star, please contact the Director, Ms. Pham, at jpham1@houstonisd.org. 

    Thank you to the 2015-2016 Sapphire Star Sponsors

    Platinum Sponsors:

    Mansfield Marketing           www.mansfieldmarketing.com

    Yulanda Glutz

    Sandra Parker

    Gina Cowan

    Juan Pena

    Manuel Mortoya

    Break Free Dance Studio    www.breakfreehouston.com

    Sapphire Sponsors:

    Longhorn Dental                 http://www.drkenellis.com/ 


    Rowland Rodriguez

    Silver Sponsors:

    Linh Thevanh

    Lien Pham

    Diem Alvarez

    Tony Nunez

    Francisca Pena

    Barbra Barnaba

    Joseph Thomas

    Leo Marroquin

    Royal Blue Sponsors:

    Carolyn & Joe Puente

    Marcus Washington