• Placement Audition requirements

    for the 2020-2021 school year


    All level and ability students considered

    Placement auditions are required for all Magnet students applying for the 2020-2021 school year. Students will select a focus area or area of interest and audition for that area. Students with no formal experience in their focus area are still considered for beginning and intermediate classes and are strongly encouraged to apply and audition. The primary function of auditions is to ensure students are placed in the correct level for their area of focus based on their experience. Ortiz does offer beginning level classes in all of the Fine Arts and encourages students of all backgrounds with all levels of experience to apply.



    Length of audition: One half hour

    What to bring:  Your portfolio (optional). All other necessary materials will be provided.

    What to expect

    This audition may include a take-home exercise and an interview with Art Department faculty.

    The Visual Arts audition the completion of a series of exercises assigned during the audition at Ortiz. These exercises may include:

    • Drawing from imagination, memory, and observation.
    • Creating compositions and designs by drawing and/or manipulating various materials within a frame of reference.
    • Exercise in creativity

    * Portfolio Ideas*(Not required)

    All portfolios will be photographed. Students will be able to return home with the portfolios intact. Art portfolios can include 8-10 pieces of work. Select your strongest work. These can include:

      A.  Two-dimensional works (drawings, paintings, etc.)

    1. Bring original work
    2. Bring drawings done from observation instead of drawings based on photos or other artwork.

      B.  Three-dimensional works (sculptures, mobiles, etc.)

    1. Small sculptures can be brought to the audition.
    2. If sculpture is large or bulky, a photograph of it, taken against a contrasting background is acceptable.

    C.  Time based and digital work (photographs, animations, movies)

          1.  Photographs should be printed out and presented in the portfolio with your other work.  These should not be in a digital file.

          2.  If you would like for us to view animation or video, please provide a flash drive with written instructions on how to access the file. We will view these files on the art department computer.  There is not a need to bring your own computer. 

    You may also include examples of other media that demonstrate the diversity of your talent.

    On the outside of the portfolio, place a label clearly lettered with your:

    • Name
    • Age
    • Address
    • Telephone Number
    • Current Grade


    (Band, orchestra, mariachi)

    Length of audition: Approximately 1 hour

    What to bring: Optional instrument, optional sheet music

    What to expect:

    Beginning level applicants will be asked to perform the following:

    1. Brief musical aptitude test- Used to measure a student’s ability to recognize pitch and tone.
    2. Instrument placement test- Utilized to determine a student’s instrument upon their placement in the program

    Experienced students will be asked to perform the following:



    • ·         Performance of their concert B Flat, E Flat and F Major scales.
    • ·         a short piece that they feel best represents their abilities.




    • ·         Demonstrate rolls (Long, 5, 7, 9), paradiddles, flams and drags
    • ·         A short piece they feel best represents their abilities.


    Orchestra and Mariachi


    • ·         Performance of three major scales.
    • ·         a short piece that they feel best represents their abilities.


    Experienced students should also provide their own music and be prepared to sight read. Instruments will be provided. 


    The emphasis of the Ortiz Dance Department is in a variety of dance genres with a main focus on ballet, jazz, hip hop and lyrical dance. This is in keeping with the audition requirements of professional dance companies, as well as the requirements for college and university dance major programs. Due to the vigorous physical demands of a concentration in dance, students with chronic health problems and/or injuries (bad knees, weak ankles, bad back, cardio-respiratory issues, etc.) are not encouraged to apply for the Ortiz dance program. 

    Length of audition: One and one half hour

    What to bring: Jazz/ Ballet shoes (optional, not required), water

    • Girls: Leotard and tights, ballet/jazz shoes or bare feet for combination to be taught
    • Boys: T-shirts with tights or gym shorts, ballet/jazz shoes or bare feet for combination to be taught

    What to expect:

    Students will be taught a short combination including basic elements from ballet, jazz, and lyrical dance. Students will be required to sight read and reproduce the movement in groups for the dance faculty. Applicants do not need to prepare a solo. 

    Previous training is not required to be considered for the beginning, intermediate, or advanced level classes. Additional requirements may be made depending on the placement of your student. 

    All applicants will be evaluated using the following criteria:

    1. Potential for a career in dance;
    2. Physique and body alignment;
    3. Coordination and flexibility;
    4. Evidence of natural ability and potential;
    5. Rhythmical accuracy;
    6. Ability to sight read and reproduce movement combinations given by dance faculty


    The mission of the Ortiz Theatre Department is to graduate students who are well-rounded theatre artists who can effectively represent themselves in EVERY discipline of theatre, not just one focus.

    Length of audition: Approximately one hour

    Audition attire: Since the audition work is very physical, the applicant should dress in clothing that allows free movement: full-length pants that are not tight; T-shirts, shirts, or blouses without logos or graphics; and closed-toed, flat shoes. Please, no dresses.

    What to expect:

    The audition for beginning theatre applicants consists of the following items:

    1. Students who have not had acting classes or do not know how to prepare a monologue will be taught short activities during the assessment and will be assessed based on those performances.  They do not need to bring anything but a willingness to learn.
    2. All applicants will participate and demonstrate their ability to perform a pantomime in front of peers.

    Experienced applicants should:

    -           Perform a prepared monologue that best demonstrates the student’s ability

    -           AND/ OR A portfolio of design and creative original work, such as artwork, drawings, paintings, collages, and/or photographs of sets, costumes, props, or other subjects.  (An example:  pictures and drawings of how you put your personal stamp on the play from which your monologue was taken)

    Experienced applicants, prepare your monologues carefully.

    1. Read the play in its entirety and honor the play's given circumstances.
    2. Choose a character that you could be cast to play. That person would be close to your age and life experiences.
    3. The monologue should show a strong arc; in other words, you should perform and feel very differently from the beginning to the end of the piece. Remember that we want to see the range of what you can do.
    4. As you perform your piece, you should see the person you are talking to in your imagination. Know who you are talking to and why you are talking to him or her.
    5. Really try to put yourself in the character's shoes and perform the piece honestly.


    Length of audition: Approximately 1 hour

    What to bring:  Optional sheet music

    What to expect: Applicants will be asked to perform the following:

    1. Brief musical aptitude test- Used to measure a student’s ability to recognize pitch and tone.
    2. Choral class- participate in a brief choral lesson, perform a piece of the director’s choosing in front of peers.

    Experienced students may bring a short piece that they feel best represents their abilities. Students who opt to perform should provide their own music.


    Magnet Program Contact Information:
    Yasmeen Khaliq, Ortiz MS Magnet Coordinator