1. DO "Go with the Flow!"  Traffic Flows Clockwise around Horn's Campus at 7:15-8:15 a.m. and 2:30-3:30 pm.  Traffic Flow Policies and Campus Map can be found at www.hornpto.org under the "Horn Traffic." 
    2. DO display your Carpool sign visibly on your vehicle passenger visor; signs are mandatory if using the Carpool Lane.  
    3. DO use Avenue B Gates for Walkers, Bikers, and Scooters - no vehicle drop offs. Ave. B Bus Pullout is for Day Care and HISD buses only. Use the Carpool Lane to drop off student(s) from your vehicle.  
    4. DON'T let student(s) exit your vehicle while stopped at a stop sign, or while your vehicle is in moving traffic.  
      • Use the Carpool Lane to drop off student(s) from your vehicle. 
    5. DO "Walk your Wheels" on the Avenue B sidewalk, between Pine and Holly Streets.
    6. DO revsise Dismissal Proceudres.
    7. DO cross streets at Crosswalks ONLY - DON'T allow your student to jaywalk, especially in front of moving vehicles!     
    8. DO observe new No Parking & Do Not Enter signage on Holly Street at arrival and dismissal!
    9. DON'T block intersections or crosswalks with your vehicle at: 
      •          Pedestrians, bikers and scooters need to get to school safely too!
      •       Carpool Lane Entrance and Exit
      •       Avenue B and Pine St. intersection
      •       Holly St. and Ave. B intersection
    10. DON'T stop and block Carpool Lane entrance to let student(s) exit your vehicle.  Pull into the Carpool Lane and allow your student to exit safely onto the sidewalk.


    We look forward to a SAFE school year for all of our Horn Students!