Horn Carpool Procedures (Before and after School)

  • A big thank you to our 5th graders, who will help us this year with safety patrol. They will do an amazing job!!! The main goals of the Safety Patrol students and teachers are the safety of all students and to keep the line moving. Please follow these guidelines when using the carpool lane:

    • No cell phone usage in the carpool lane, or in posted school zones.
    • When dropping off or picking up your child, please remember to park as close as you can to the curb; safety patrol students are not allowed to step off to open car doors. 
    • Carpool lane goes in one direction: cars traveling westbound on Pine are not allowed to turn left on to the carpool lane. When exiting, left turn is no longer allowed. All cars must turn right. Please do not cut in line on Pine, and do not turn left on Holly.
    • Hang a sign on your visor with your child's name and grade level, so teachers can easily read them, and call students promptly. Make sure the signs are readable from the distance, and, if possible, do not place them on the dashboard (see pictures).
    • If your child is already in the car, and needs help buckling up, please park in the designated parking spots, so the carpool lane is not held up.
    • When your child has safely been picked up, or dropped off, stay in the line. Do not pass other cars.
    • Follow the directions of the safety patrol students and staff.

Carpool Sign and Placement