Intervention Team

About Our Team



    Intervention Specialists

    Lauren Adams & Carol Boyle

    Our Purpose

    Daily we strive to provide students with exceptional small group instruction in areas where their need is the greatest. We accomplish this by using research-based strategies which guide us as we plan and deliver exciting, engaging lessons.

    Our Education

    Through varied educational experiences, our team provides students with the highest level of support. Collectively, we have earned Bachelor’s in Education/Interdisciplinary Studies, Bachelor’s in Finance, and Master’s in Educational Administration and Leadership.

    Our Careers

    Past experiences in various arenas have led to the development of skills necessary for cultivating greatness in our students. We have worked as educational administration, campus teacher specialist, math specialist, reading specialist, child care, counseling, customer service, literacy coaching. and tutoring.

    Our Skills

    Diversity in our backgrounds has led to the development of shared core, key skills which benefit our students. We share a life-long love of learning and knowledge, have flexible and highly adaptable personalities, and are extremely patient and understanding.  Between the two of us, we have decades of years in education, and look forward to more.