Second Grade Team

Welcome to Second Grade!

  • In this grade students will... build on reading comprehension, fluency, and expand vocabulary through small group instruction, independent and group activities.  Students will develop their writing skills through dedicated daily writing instruction. They will grow mathematically through problem solving and hands on activities which integrate technology, manipulatives and higher-level thinking skills. They will act as scientists and historians as they explore a variety of topics and engage in hands on learning. Students should expect to grow in independence, becoming more responsible and taking ownership of their learning.   

About Our Team

  • About our team

    Combined years of experience: 68


    Universities attended: 


    Arkansas Tech University 

    St. Edwards University 

    Texas A&M University 

    University of Kansas 

    University of St. Thomas 

    University of Houston


    Combined Skill set: 

    Teaching through the arts 

    Spanish fluency 

    Technology savvy 

    Community involvement 

    School to home communication 

    GT certified 

    Guided reading focus 

    Integrated writing 

    Differentiated instruction