Fifth Grade Team

  • Annemarie Cruz, Grade Chair

    Kim Cyr

    Jamie Locander

    Ericka Williams


    Conference Time: 8:40-9:10am 
    Please email for an appointment.


    Ancillary Schedules

    Cruz           Monday- Music Tuesday-Art Wednesday-Music Thursday-P.E. Friday-P.E.

    Cyr            Monday-Music Tuesday-Art Wednesday-Music Thursday-P.E. Friday-P.E.

    Locander    Monday- Art  Tuesday- Music  Wednesday- P.E. Thursday-P.E. Friday-Music

    Williams     Monday-Music Tuesday-P.E. Wednesday-P.E. Thursday-Music Friday-Art

Welcome to Fifth Grade!

  • welcome


    In 5th grade, we strive to provide students with rigorous academic experiences, while preparing them for the new challenges that will come in middle school and beyond. Our goals are to develop student responsibility, respect for self and others, and to foster an environment that inspires life-long learners. 

About Our Team

  • Our team has over 36 years of experience that spans across several grade levels and subject areas. All our teachers are  GT (Gifted & Talented) certified and most hold an ESL (English as a Second Language) certification as well. Our team teaches skills in Character Education, Small Group Instruction/Workstations and Project-Based Learning. We believe in developing the whole child, and look forward to working with all of our students this year.