• Lobo Slam! Performance Poetry

  • One of Us!

    We are junk food and words for the soul.

    We are a golden sequins dog and a captain's hat.

    We are “Ok I’m back” and “I BEEN HERE”.


    We are undisciplined loyalty, coming in every day when our flyer clearly says only Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays for 1.5 hours… only.


    We are an unrivaled cheer squad and more than half the crowd.


    We are THE Lobo Slam! with an exclamation point in the middle of the sentence because we are the exclamation! point! in the middle of this PANDEMIC! 


    We are busting through doors with smiles on our faces as we write down more than words. 

    We are meetings everyday after school and calling it "very important club meetings".

    We are wolves in Captain’s hats that may or may not lead the pack, you pick and choose what you prefer.


    We are the backbone of your poetry slam competitions 

    We are the providers of your afterschool hunger 

    We are the safe place for you to become a better person 

    We are each other’s light when we are sad

    We are a bunch a randos who decided to hang out together one day to write literatur

    We are not just strangers who confide in each other; we are strangers who can trust each other a whole lot


    We are love, light and change you want to see in this world.

    We are the primary function of the English Classroom.

    We are the safespace and the power that it holds 


    One of us!

  • Lobo Slam! Performance Poetry is a club, collaborative, safe space, friendship circle, expression creator, and so much more.


    Lobo Slam! was started to be exactly that. Over the years, we have accomplished:

    • School Performances
    • Open Mics
    • Space City Slam! Competion
    • Lobo Slam! Competition Team
    • Podcasts
    • Chap Books
    • Collaborations
Lobo Slam! Season 2020